Price List & Instructions:

Charges for quilting are figured by the square inch. Measure the quilt and multiply the length by the width to obtain total square inches. Then multiply square inches by the desired quilting technique.

Large meandering only                                                                                    $0.02/ sq inch

Meandering plus custom (borders)                                                                $0.0250-0.0350/ sq inch

Custom quilting – to be discussed with customer                                       $0.0365-0.0550 sq inch

Binding attached by machine to the front of top                                         $0.15/linear inch

Minimum Charge –       Basic quilting- $45.00

                                     Custom quilting-$50.00

Extra charges for services such as piecing the back, thread color changes, specialty threads, remounting the quilt, necessary pressing, and cutting the binding. 

*All charges are at the discretion of the quilter and will be discussed in advance with the customer.

Instructions for preparing the quilt:

  1. Both backing and batting should be 4” larger than the top on all sides.
  2. The quilt top should be pressed with seams pressed as you stitch.
  3. If providing the backing, marked “right side” if there is a side preferred.
  4. Remove as many stray threads as possible.
  5. The top and back of the quilt should be “squared up” as best as possible.
  6. Remove selvages if backing is pieced.
  7. Be cautious of “wavy” borders — they will create puckers. If in doubt, ask for more info.

80% cotton/ 20% polyester Hobbs Heirloom batting is available as well as bleach/unbleached muslin is available.

Glide thread in multiple colors is available.