T-Shirt Quilts

Creating and designing T-Shirt quilts is our primary focus. We love taking old shirts, you know those ones that have been sitting in your dresser since your high school days, and turning them into something you’ll cherish and use.  

Sizes (all measurements are approximate)

Quilt Type Lap Large Lap Twin Full Queen
Basic 12″ Square 12 (36″x48″) 20 (48″ x 60″) 30 (60″x72″) 42 (72″x84″) 56 (84″x96″)
Traditional 12″ Square 12 (44″ x 58″) 20 (58″x72″) 30 (72″x86″) 42 (86″x100″)
Basic 15″ Square 12 (45″x60″) 20 (60″x75″) 30 (75″x90″) 42 (90″x105″)
Traditional 15″ Square 12 (53″x70″) 20 (70″x87″) 30 (87″x104″)
Mosaic (48″ x 64″) (64″ x 80″) (80″ x 96″)

We try and cut your shirt to a 12 or 15 inch squares.

Basic shirt quilts are stitched right next to each other, traditional quilts have a 2″ sashing between your shirts. 

You may need more t-shirts if the designs on the t-shirts are small. Or you may need fewer if the designs are big. Count each t-shirt you have as one, whether it has a design just on the front or a design on the front and back. The more t-shirts you have with a front and a back means you will need to be on the lower end for the approximate number needed. If you have t-shirts with small designs on just one side, you will need more t-shirts.