Pax Sound of Freedom has honored us by allowing us to topstitch their beautiful work.

How Far Will You Forward the Mission

DonorLevelWhat Does This Provide to Furtherthe Mission?DonationAmountTaxLetterDonationRecognitionSpecialEvents
Miles of ThreadCore Quilting Supplies$25X
Add the WarmthBatting for 1 QOV$75XX
Be the BackingBacking for 1 QOV$150XX
Top with ColorFabric for 1 QOV Pattern$300XX
Squad Sponsor2 Presentations Ready QOVs$500XXX
Platoon Sponsor5 Presentations Ready QOVs$1,000XXX
Company Sponsor10 Presentations Ready QOVs$2,500XXX
Battalion Sponsor20 Presentations Ready QOVs$5,000XXX